the cave

Hidden deep with the a forest filled with ancient ruins from a forgotten civilization, the cave was eventually found by the party. As the party entered the cave they were met by a strange mist that kept them from seeing more than 10 ft in any direction. the party followed the narrow pathway of the cave until it opened up into a large room (or at least they assumed by the way sound was carried). They were not alone! the sounds of battle filled the cavern.

After investigating the room, the party determined the fighting was coming from another part of the cavern on the other side of a large pile of debris. Before the party had time to investigate, they were attacked by something in the mist. Fell taint from the aberrant realm attacked the party using the mists to obscure their location. The party took shelter in a ruined structure inside the cavern and found that it aided them in defeating the fell taint.

After defeating the fell taint the party climbed the large pile of debris and saw the battle that raged on the other side. Duergar and Drow were fighting on the steps of what looked like an alter. The mist the party had been fighting in appeared to be coming from the alter.

As the party watched the Drow priestesses summoned a huge tentacled monster that threatened to overwhelm the Duergar position. The Duergar wizards responded by unleashing a huge fire ball that rains debris on the Drow priestesses killing them.
The tentacled monster the priestesses had summoned realized it was losing it existence on the material plain and lashed out at the support columns holding the roof over the fighter’s heads. the roof came crashing down enveloping all the fighters but a few Duergar on the fringes of the fighting.

The blast also destabilizes the debris the party is standing on causing them to tumble into the cavern with the Duergar. Before the Duergar notice the party, they talked about reporting their failure to Ragoth. After the party fought and defeated the Duergar they will not speak of Ragoth they do let it slip they were sent to recover some of their kin that were recently stolen by the Drow. They had no idea what was going on at the alter, they just wanted to kill the Drow that took their people.

the cave

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