A small bustling mining town set near the base of a mountain where miners work around the clock to extract gold and precious gems. The majority of the towns population is human but there a small halfling community.

The party was suppose to meet “Thorin” (Cal Fairheart)at the Stripped Dragon Tavern & Inn but when they arrived the barman hadn’t seen him in months. The party waited and received a message to meet Cal in an abandoned barn on the outskirts of town.

The party made their way to the warehouse and met with who they thought was Cal. Cal lead the party deeper into the barn and tried to convince the party that Stanfield had turned sides. It was about that time that the party noticed that Cal’s enchanted pin had turned black.

The person the party had been talking to was in fact a doppelganger. Not just any doppelganger but the first mate of Marcus Dreval. The doppelganger knows Horas well and while taunting him, he reveals he’s planning to meet Marcus Dreval in Stonebrook.

The party had to fight their way out of the barn which appears to have been prepared to ambush them. When the party finally fights their way out of the barn they are greeted by city guardsmen that the doppelganger had ticketed into thinking you were the bad guys.

After talking the guards down, the party proceeded to Stonebrook.


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