located in the southern region of Chalace the city lies on the border between Chalace and Nim and serves as a check point for goods transported between the two regions. The city is enclosed by a tall wooden stockade stile fence. The city has rules against the use of force within the city. Anyone seen at the seen of a fight holding a weapon is considered in violation of the law. The party noticed that the town seemed to discriminate against teifling citizens.

The houses of the city are made out of sturdy stone and the streets are well kept. The city’s market area features shops for anything imaginable. The east side of town is known as the warehouse district and lives up to its name. The area is comprised of nothing but giant warehouses filled with goods.

The party inquired around town for the whereabouts of Marcus Dreval and were directed to see the city’s Mayor Edgar Lionheart. The party found the person they were looking for behind the mayor’s desk. Marcus Dreval was in fact the mayor of the city! After a brief fight the players defeated Marcus only to be gassed by his shape shifting minion.

The party awoke chained and shackled in a small cell. They escaped the cell and fought their way to the top of what turned out to be a ship. After careful evaluation of their surroundings, the party realized they were in the less than reputable part of Mumbar‘s vast harbor district. The only thing that stood between the party and freedom was a labyrinth of twisting and haphazardly constructed docks full of country’s most evil pirates and smugglers. The party would have to think of something quick to escape the ship and make it to the mainland safely.


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