Campaign Setting:

Campaign Setting:

The kingdom of Kelborn is one large continent. The kingdom is broken up into 12 regions. The royal house of Drake rules from the large central region of Skyheaven. The royal family comes from a line of dragonborn who have ruled the land since the time of the dragon wars. To the west of Skyheaven are the spiraling Dragontooth mountains. So named because of the evil dragons that are said to slumber there.

To the southwest of Skyheaven is the region of Darkmoor. Darkmoor is a dark and desolate place home to many unspeakable evils. It is rumored to have many entrances to the under dark scattered amongst its many canyons and creators. The only civilized life found in Darkmoor are the few heavily fortified outposts the king keeps in the area to prevent the spread of evil into the rest of his kingdom.

Most of the civilized citizens of Kelbourn are found on the northern and eastern sides of the continent. The water on the east side of the continent is deep making it perfect for maritime trade. The many natural coves and bays on the eastern shore offer excellent refuge for ships in bad weather. These natural features are also used by pirates to evade capture and ambush unsuspecting ships. The northern regions of the kingdom are primarily rural farming communities.

The civilized population consists of all of the races from the Players Handbook1 and 2 (you can choose classes from those as well). However, there are some stigmas attached to certain races in Kelbourn. Tieflings are generally not trusted as they are associated with Darkmoor (where they are rumored to have come from). Dwarfs and Gnomes are very reclusive and seldom venture into human towns except to trade. They also jealously protect the location of their strong holds and will often travel many extra miles retracing their steps and branching off in different directions before coming to market in order to confuse anyone trying to find their stronghold’s location. Dragonbourn comprise a good share of the nobility in Skyheaven and the king’s personal guard is almost exclusively of that race. Some dragonbourne have chosen to forsake their nobility for the thrills of adventure or other reasons. Those who leave are viewed as deserters by the upper class. Deva’s are few in the world and almost all serve as advisors to the royal family. However, there have been rumors of powerful Deva’s starting their own reclusive communities. Half orcs and Shifters are seen as being wild and uncontrolled. They are generally feared and therefore shunned by human communities. Goliaths are extremely rare outside of the very northern mountainous regions where they live. Many humans regard their existence as myth and the few that do venture out from their homeland are met with shock and wonder in human towns. Elves and Eladrin get along very well with human owing to their alliance many years before and as a result there half elves are not too uncommon. After the banishing of the evil dragons the elves choose to stay in their quiet forest communities rather than take their place next to the dragonbourn as the nobility of Kelbourn. Halflings are also numerous and welcomed in human cities though they often tend to gravitate toward the more shady parts of town.

I’ve purposely left a lot of the details out of the world because I want you to help make it. I’d like you to make up the name of the region of Kelbourne that you come from and maybe a little about it. Maybe it’s known for producing some of the greatest wizards in all of Kelbourn or for making the best enchanted armor. Feel free to collaborate and make characters from the same region if you’d like. However, there are plenty of regions without detail if everyone wants to make one up. I’ll try and incorporate whatever you come up at some point in the story line.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Kelborn Campaign

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